I.K.F. Amateur Kickboxing Event.


WHO : Leigh Kickboxing Tatsudo Dragon Gym
WHERE : Lowton Civic Hall, Leigh, Near Manchester WA3 2AH
WHAT: IKF Amateur Kickboxing O.S.R. format.
MAIN BOUTS : Two British Titles, Two English Title bouts
IKF Representative : Neil Holden
IKF Judges ( O.S.R. format, 5 Judges ) :
1st Judge ( Chief Judge ) : Pele Nathan
2nd Judge : Matt Castle - Altrincham
3rd Judge : Tony Parker - Leigh
4th Judge : Daryl Ellis - Warrington
5th Judge : Lee Green - Urmston

IKF Referee: Craig Booth
IKF PROMOTER: Mr. Dave Eckersley (0044-7775-788-043)


Saturday 29th March 2008 was the date A.K.A. England in partnership with David Eckersley and the Dragons Gym - Leigh staged the 2nd event of the 2008 season. The venue for this competition was Lowton Civic Hall, in Leigh, near Wigan, England.

This I.K.F. sanctioned Kickboxing competition was conducted under Olympic style rules similar to Olympic Amateur Boxing known as 'Open Scoring' using electronic score boards.

The O.S.R. rules are proving very popular now with even more schools in attendance at this event, as more athletes look to compete in a safe competition format.

Of particular attraction to the O.S.R. format is the 'Outclass' rule, that ensures an athlete is protected form taking too much punishment.

This comes into effect through the 'Open Scoring' on the electronic scoreboards, and should an athlete be losing to an opponent by 20 points or more a contest is stopped due to 'Outclass'.

This is event headlined....

I.K.F. Amateur O.S.R. Ladies Britsh Middleweight title ( DEFENCE ) and
I.K.F. Amateur O.S.R. Ladies Britsh Welterweight title,

I.K.F. Amateur O.S.R. British Light-Middleweight title,

Amateur O.S.R. English Light-Welterweight title ( DEFENCE ),

I.K.F. Amateur O.S.R. English Middleweight title,

Supporting athletes travelled from across the United Kingdom as competitors, and the local community from Leigh showed their appreciation by giving everyone tremendous support.

This amateur martial arts championships was organised thanks to the support of the
official 2008 sponsor of the A.K.A. England Circuit, one of the worlds leading martial arts equipment suppliers
M.A.R. International (www.qualitymartialarts.com)

Everyone that was involved in this event would like to thank Mr Ali proprietor of M.A.R. International for his support, as well as Steve Fossum, the president of the International Kickboxing Federation.

------- -------Main Bouts
I.K.F. Amateur Championships

Dave Eckersley
Janet Hartley
Chantell Cameron
Lee Hasdell

Double Title Bout!
IKF Amateur O.S.R. Kickboxing : British Welterweight Title
IKF Amateur O.S.R. Kickboxing : British Middleweight Title 'DEFENCE'.

Chantell Cameron ( Milton Keynes - Lee Hasdell ) CHAMPION
Janet Hartley ( Leigh - Dave Eckersley )
Scores : 20 - 41, Winner Cameron.

Jamie Muldowney
Ben Marshall
Mike Carr

IKF Amateur O.S.R. Kickboxing : British Light-Middleweight Title.

Robert Lightburn ( Warrington - Mark Matthews )
Ben Marshall ( Tee-Side - Mike Carr )
Scores : 60 - 90, Winner Marshall.

Matthew Murt,
Al Oalkey,

IKF Amateur O.S.R. Kickboxing : English Light-Welterweight Title 'DEFENCE'.

Ryan O'Donnell ( Warrington - Mark Matthews ) CHAMPION
Matthew Murt ( Cornwall - Al Oakley )
Scores : 47 - 70, Winner Murt.

Dave Eckersley,
Andy Roberts,
Justin Hassell
Pele Nathan

IKF Amateur O.S.R. Kickboxing : English Middleweight Title.

Andy Roberts ( Leigh - Dave Eckersley )
Justin Hassell ( Altrincham - Pele Nathan )
Scores 103 - 65, winner Roberts.

Results from the Support Bouts..................................................

Light-Heavyweight - Nominated 'Best Bout of the Night!'

Ste Martin ( Warrington - Mark Matthews )
Mark Walsh ( R.A.F. - Dan Reagan )
Scores 123 - 105, winner Roberts.

Super-Heavyweight - O.S.R. Novice Class
John Brough - 17
Fraser Opie - 27

Heavyweight - O.S.R. Novice Class
John Paul Emanu - No Contest
Ken Marsh - No Contest

Light-Heavyweight - O.S.R. Novice Class
Neil Ditchfield - 94
Alexander Twiselton - 101

Cruiserweight - O.S.R. Novice Class
Joe Holman - 137
Darren Cooper-Smith - 143

Middleweight - O.S.R. Novice Class
Alan Lee - 19
Danny Wier - 39

Cruiserweight - O.S.R. Novice Class
Andy Hawkins - 49
Robbie Harrison - 15

ladies Super-Middleweight - O.S.R. Novice Class
Rachael Wolfenden - 35
Cath Stroud - 69

Light-Middleweight - O.S.R. Novice Class
Danny Garth - 101
Kyle Walker - 77

Ladies Welterweight - O.S.R. Novice Class
Angela Atkinson - 70
Natalie Sharkie - 37

Light-Middleweight - O.S.R. Novice Class
David Charlesworth - 17
Randy Savage - 45

Light-Middleweight - O.S.R. Novice Class
Adnan Rashid - 87
Chris Southern - 69

Cruiserweight - O.S.R. Novice Class
David Corless-Smth - 40
Michael Reynolds - 22

Note : Not Matched - 'Champions'.
Unfortunately, there were three champions and several athletes from the support bouts that could not be matched on this event. These athletes will still receive ranking points accordingly, and priority on the next event, scheduled for 7th June, Urmston.

Paige Farrington - Senior Class - Title Defence, British & Commonwealth
Chris Heath - Senior Class - Title Defence, British
Carlos Tait - Senior Class - Title Defence, British

Note : As all of the Champions listed above were willing to make voluntary title defences, they each now have 364 days until they are required to make a mandatory tite defence.

Note : Not Matched - 'Challengers'.

Paul Quayle
issued a challenge for the British Light-Cruiserweight Title. The Champion is required to defend this title against the challenger on the next event or within 60 days ( which ever is sooner ). If the title is not defended it will become vacant.

Note Matched : Athetes from the support bouts.

Note : As all of the Champions listed above were willing to make voluntary title defences, they each now have 364 days until they are required to make a mandatory tite defence.

Joseph Ryan - Senior Class,
Delia Bagum - Senior Class,
Anthony Allen - Senior Class,
Glen Sweetman - Senior Class,
Maria Warburton - Senior Class,
David Partridge - Senior Class,
Steven Lea - Senior Class,
Dan Adhock - Senior Class,
David Grumbley - Senior Class,
Matt Dunn - Senior Class,
Laura Arnold - Senior Class,
Tony Simcock - Novice Class,
Chris Allen - Novice Class,
Daryl Ellis - Novice Class,
Ian Finnegan - Novice Class,


The Venue.

The Venue.

Some of the I.K.F.

Neil Holden,
Lee Green,
Pele Nathan,
Dave Eckersley,
Lee Hasdell.

Cheif Judge,
Pele Nathan
Ringcard girl.

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