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Established 1994

Instructors : Neil Holdens Certificates.

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Neil Holden


Telephone / Text:

School Director:
Neil Holden

Trainer of Several National,
two European and two
World Amateur Champions.

Certified Muaythai
( Thai-Kickboxing )
by Grand Master Sken
( Thailand ).

Certified 6th Dan Black Belt
Japanese Kickboxing
( Shihan - Master Grade ).

Training in the Martial Arts
Over 35 years.

Professional Instructor
Over 25 Years.


It is always recomended that you research background information on any Martial Arts Instructor or Fitness Coach, especially seeking proof of official certification, before you begin training with them.

This way you can ensure that they are actually qualified to teach as unfortunately there are some people that operate within the Martial Arts Industry that are in fact unqualified, not cleared by the C.R.B. Criminal Records Bureau ( Police checks ) and are not Insured.

Neil Holden is a lifelong 'career' professional Martial Arts Instructor - as opposed to most other Martial Arts Instructors who have other occupations and simply coach 'part-time' as a hobby. This also makes a tremendous difference to the quality of tuition delivered.

Neil qualifications...

Thai-Kickboxing :
( Muaythai ) coach, certified by one of the worlds leading authorities, Grand-Master Sken Kaewpadung of Thailand.

Japanese-Kickboxing :
( K1 Rules ) Instructor, level 6 ( 6th Dan ) with the W.K.A. World Kickboxing Association.

( a Japanese Mixed-Martial-Arts system combining Kickboxing and Judo ), certified Black Belt by Grand-Master Takashi Azuma of Japan.

Neil is fully Insured and 'Enhanced level' C.R.B. ( Police Checks ) cleared - through the Criminal Records Burea.

Thai-Kickboxing / Muaythai Certification:

Below - Holdens's Instructor ( RED BAND Insignia ) Certificate : Dated 10th October 1992.

Under Grand-Master Sken's syllabus, the Red Band, ( Grade #10 ) , is the Insignia for an Instructor 'Level 1' Grade.

Below - Holden's Judging and Referee Diploma:
In accodrance with the Muaythai World sanctioning body 'W.M.C' ( World Muaythai Council ), under Arjarn Pinit Prayadsab and 'S.I.M.T.A.' ( Sitnarong - International Muay Thai Association ) under Grand Master Sken.

Japanese-Kickboxing ( K1 Rules ) Instructor, level 6 ( 6th Dan ) sanctioned with the W.K.A. World Kickboxing Association.

( a Japanese Mixed-Martial-Arts system combining Kickboxing and Judo ), certified Black Belt by Grand-Master Takashi Azuma of Japan.

Holden became a certified Instructor, gaining his Red Band ( Instructor Insignia ), after serving as an Assistant Instructor to Grand Master Sken in 1992.

1991 = Assistant Instructor. ( Began his career professional martial arts coach ).

1992 = Level 1 Instructor. Certified Instructor by Master Sken ( 10/10/1992 ).
1994 = Level 2 Instructor. ( 2 Years experience as an Instructor )
1997 = Level 3 Instructor. ( 5 Years experience as an Instructor )
2001 = Level 4 Instructor. ( 9 Years experience as an Instructor )
2006 = Level 5 Instructor. ( 14 Years experience as an Instructor )
2012 = Level 6 Instructor. ( 20 Years experience as an Instructor )

# Note
In Japan Level 5 ( 5th Dan ) Instructors are refered to by the title of Shihan ( Master ). A 5th Dan rank is a 'Master of Sport' quaification.

Holden, currently a 6th Dan, will gain his promotion to 'Level 7' Instructor ( 7th Dan ) on the 10th October 2019, and has over 26 years experience as a certified Instructor.

Note: 'Dan' is simply the Japanese term simply meaning 'Level'. Dan grades denote years in experience an instructor has which can be very important for a person to evaluate how much experience a potential teacher has, especially as at this time, with no government regulation for the Martial Arts industry there has been an explosion illegitimate coaches. If someone states that they are a Level 5 Instructor ( 5th Dan ) and have been coaching for several years, you pretty much know that they are not genuine. As shown above a 5th Dan grade actually takes fourteen years.

'C.R.B.' Cleared:

Combat-Sports such as Boxing and now Cage Fighting ( M.M.A. Mixed Martial Arts ) can attract all types of people, and unfortunately some with criminal backgrounds.

Martial arts Instructors must have Insurance, incase their instruction leads to someone becoming seriously injured.

Insurance that is required when working with the public cannot be gained without C.R.B. clearance ( Police Checks ). This can help protect people from training with illegitimate Instructors ONLY if people seeking martial arts instruction are made aware and check for this information in the first place.

The notion that a person could lose his 'licence' if he was 'fighting' in the street, is actually true. If a person cannot get C.R.B. clearance, then they cannot work with the public and they should no longer be legitimately registered as a Martial Arts Instructor.

World Class - Trainer of Champions!

Although not a specific certificate or grade, there is a saying within the combat-sports industry. "The Belt is in the Ring". Refering to 'Title belts' that a Champion wins.

Since Neil founded the Warrington Kickboxing Studio, over 25 years ago, his gym has produced many Champions in both the Amateur and the Professional Codes under Thai-Kickboxing ( Muaythai ) rules and Japanese Kickboxing ( K-1 ) rules as well as two M.M.A. Champions.

The Wolf Gym has to its credit Two European Amateur Champions and Two World Amateur Champions.


Under Neil's guidance, Mark Matthews, Rhys Edwards and Darren Collins were amongst the countries leading fighters as Professionals.

Between them they captured no fewer than twelve championship titles.

Pictured left to right -
Rhys, Mark and Darren.


Leading fighter for the Warrington Kickboxing Studio , Mark Matthews captured the British & Commonwealth Title ( Muaythai Rules ), and the Inter-Continental Title ( K-1 rules ) as well as defeating three World Champions during his impressive ring career that saw him represent his country against International opposition on several occasions.

Neil's credentials as a 'World Class Instructor' are not only proven through certification by leading authorities but are proven by those he has coached in the square ring.

To be your best, you need expert level tuition. As you can see, this is what you are guarenteed to receive at the Warrington Kickboxing Studio.

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