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Neil Holden


Telephone / Text:

School Director:
Neil Holden

Trainer of Several National,
two European and two
World Amateur Champions.

Certified Muaythai
( Thai-Kickboxing )
by Grand Master Sken
( Thailand ).

Certified 6th Dan Black Belt
Japanese Kickboxing
( Shihan - Master Grade ).

Training in the Martial Arts
Over 30 years.

Professional Instructor
Over 20 Years.



Kickboxing is known as 'The art of Striking', and Striking is regarded by many as 'The Ultimate form of combat'.

With correct and regular training Kickboxers can develop power in their striking techniques that is much stronger than their physical bodyweight, thus leading to a tremendous advantage in a real life self-defence situation.


The core of the Kickboxing system taught at the Wolf Gym is based on Fitness training with Self-Defence applications. Only if a person wishes, are they offered Competition training. It is stressed that the majority of our members do not compete and that you would not be expected to either.

Our members can also progress though our grading syllabus should they wish to train towards their Black Belt.

The Wolf Gym's Kickboxing syllabus teaches Striking using Kicks, Boxing, Knees, Elbows and Open-Palm Striking.

Utilising techniques and training methods from Thai-Kickboxing ( Muay-Thai ) and Japanese Kickboxing ( K-1 ) as well as traditional techniques from Muay-Boran
and Kyokushin making it an ideal system for those seeking training in a striking system for Self-defence or for Ring-Sport under 'K-1' Rules or 'Muaythai' Rules.

Additionally, the Wolf Gym's Kickboxing system also teaches Ground-Striking, for those wanting to compete under M.M.A. ( Mixed-Martial-Arts ) Rules where matches involve Standup-fighting and Ground-fighting. The Ground-Striking is covered in seperate classes to the regular timetable via our 'Cage-Kickboxing' ( Striking-for-M.M.A. ) programme.

For further explanation ( History and Development of Kickboxing )
Click HERE .


For those who do actually wish to compete in the ring, we train students to compete at national Amateur Championship tournaments under what is generally known as 'K-1' rules ( Japanese Kickboxing rules ).

For those that excel in the Amateur division, we can then train students specifically for Professional bouts under 'Muaythai' rules ( Thai-Kickboxing rules ).



4 x Pro. Titles

Mark Matthews
6 x Pro. Titles

Between them they captured
Professional Championship Titles
Thai-Kickboxing ( Muaythai Rules )
Japanese Kickboxing ( K-1 Rules )


Rhys Edwards :
Pro. -Regional ( Area ) Welterweight Champion ( S.I.M.T.A. )
Pro. -English Welterweight Champion ( I.K.B.O. )
Pro. -English Welterweight Champion ( W.A.K.O. Pro.)
Pro. -British Welterweight Champion ( W.A.K.O. Pro.)

Mark Matthews :
Pro. Regional ( Area ) Super-Lightweight Champion ( I.K.B.O. )
Pro. Regional ( Area ) Light- Welterweight Champion ( W.A.K.O. - Pro )
Pro. English Light- Welterweight Champion ( W.A.K.O. - Pro )
Pro. British Welterweight Champion ( I.S.K.A. )
Pro. Commonwealth Welterweight Champion ( I.S.K.A. )
Pro. Inter-Continental Super-Welterweight Champion ( W.P.K.L. )


2011 British
Welterweight Champion

I.K.F. Amateur Kickboxing
'K-1' / M.T.R. ( Modified Type rules ).

Wolf Gym's Black Belt member -

Phil Dale - Warrington

( Defeated David Hope - Urmston )



At the 2010 National Amateur Championships Wolf-Gym members captured 'Two' I.K.F. British Kickboxing Championship titles ( K-1 / M.T.R. format ).

The following year, at the 2011 event, Wolf-Gym members did even better and returned with 'Six' I.K.F. British Kickboxing Championship titles
( K-1 / M.T.R. format )

At the 2012 National Amateur Championships Wolf-Gym members captured 'Two' I.K.F. British Kickboxing Championship titles ( K-1 / M.T.R. format ).

At the 2013 National Amateur Championships Wolf-Gym members captured 'Three' I.K.F. British Kickboxing Championship titles as well as 'TWO' I.K.F. Commonwealth Kickboxing Championship titles ( K-1 / M.T.R. format )

That is 'Fifteen' Amateur Champions over four years, and a solid reference to the expert level of tuition given by the team of coaches at the Warrington Kickboxing Studio!

( Photo : Warrington Kickboxer,
Phil Dale, Double British & Commonwealth Champion delivers a High Kick in his 'K1 Rules' Title bout )


2007 Amateur
Super-Middleweight Champion

I.K.F. Amateur 'K-1'
( M.T.R. ) Kickboxing format.

Graham Sayer - Champion - Warrington
Rajeet Singh - Challenger - India.


( Click here to see our recent team of British champions )

Despite incredible succeses by our members in competition, we stress that we are first and foremost a martial arts school, that has also trained many Champions during the last 20 years, including TWO
World Amateur Kickboxing Champions.

Warrington Kickboxing Studio has taught thousands of people over the last 20 years who's focus was just the Fitness and Self-Defence applications of our system, and if this is your primary goal - then we are the place for you.

If you wish to train Kickboxing as a Combat-Sport cleary our results and reputation speak for themselves!

Photo: Black Belt delivers a knee-kick!


We also have a comprehensive Instructor program whereby Senior / Black Belt students can work towards becoming an Certified Instructor and gain the 'Red Band' insignia.

This is attained via an apprentice method ( actual experience rather than simply an exam lasting a few hours ). Instructor training covers all aspects of coaching, from teaching beginners through to more advanced students, as well as having strong focus on the Ringcraft element of the sport. Apprentice Instructors also learn Referee and Judging Skills as well as how to prepare someone for the ring and corner people who are actually competing.

Our winning Kickboxing syllabus has built us a leading reputation over the last 20 years, due to coaching more than 40 Black belts and several National, two European and two World Amateur Champions!

If you like what you see, and would like to call in the following link will give you directions to the Studio.

Contact Details & Studio location - Click Here