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What is K1 'style' Kickboxing.:
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What is K-1 'style' Kickboxing.

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Last Update - 7th December 2023

K1 style Kickboxing originated in Japan, and is also known as Japanese-Kickboxing.

The rules allows for Kicks and Punches and Knees with limited clinch-holding.

A fighter may catch hold of a leg, and then deliver a single strike, then they must release. This maybe a Kick or a Punch or a Knee.

If a fighter is clinch-holding an opponent around the neck, the may deliver a single knee, then they must release.

Bouts are contested over three rounds and in the event of a draw decision, the fighters contest an extra round!

On A.K.A. events, bouts are conducted in the Ring, wether they are K1-Rules ( Full-Contact ) or K1-Light ( Controlled-Contact ).

A.K.A. events Championship Titles are Co-Sanctioned with the

W.K.A. ( World Kickboxing Association ).