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Neil Holden


Telephone / Text:

Head Coach :
Neil Holden

Trainer of
Muay-Thai, Kickboxing
and -M.M.A. Champions

Certified Muaythai
( Thai-Kickboxing )
by Grand-Master Sken
( Thailand )

Black Belt Graded
by Master Azuma
( Japan )

W.K.A. Registered
7th Dan Black Belt

Training in the Martial Arts
+ 40 years.

Professional Instructor
+ 30 Years.


Warrington Kickboxing Studio has been known as a 'Home of Champions' for many years, due to consistantly producing competitors of the highest quality in both the Amateur and the Professional divisons.

Although competition is not for everyone, our results reflect the quality of martial arts tuition given by our team of expert Instructors.

For many of our members who do not compete, most feel very proud of being part of such a winning team! Especially in this modern day, when unfortunately there are many 'cowboy' martial arts coaches that seem to be setting up in every town across the country.

One way to establish if someone is a 'cowboy' and offering sub-standard tuition, no higher than the level of an 'aerobic-kickbox-ercise trainer', is to review the achievements of a specific gym under a particular instructor.

Please note that Warrington Kickboxing Studio has been producing Champions since it was established in 1994, ( over twenty five years ago ).

Champions in both the Professional and Amateur divisons, that have captured British, Commonwealth, European, Inter-Continental, World Titles. In total, Champions from the Wolf Gym have won a current tally of 45 title belts!

Very few gyms even if they do have some Champions, go on to produce a single World Champion.

Warrington Kickboxing Studio has produced not one - but two World Champions. An outstanding reflection on the quality of the training offered at the Wolf Gym.

The following photos are just some of the Champions from the Wolf-Gym...

Take a few minutes to browse through the gallery of some of the Wolf Gym Champions. At some point in the future, maybe your photo will be alongside theirs and you too will have the title of being a CHAMPION.

Chief Instructor, Neil Holden, with Jamie Hayes and Jason Melvin.

Jamie Hayes, ( Pictured on the left ), is one of our Brown Belt members. Here Jamie had just won the WKA Super-Middleweight 'K-1 rules' title, making him a 2 x Kickboxing Champion, as he also holds the WKU title. Jamie is also an M.M.A. Champion, this was his third time winning a Championship title belt.

Jason Melvin, ( Pictured on the right ), is one of our Blue Belt members. Here Jason had just completed an '8 Man Grandprix', ( Winning 3 bouts in a single tournament ), taking his record to an impressive undefeated run of 5 fights with 5 straight wins as he captured the WKA Super-Heavyweight 'K-1' rules title.

Rhys Edwards

Titles Held

Pro. British Champion ( W.A.K.O Pro. )

Pro. English Champion ( W.A.K.O Pro. )

Pro. English Champion ( I.K.B.O Pro. )

Pro. Regional Champion ( S.I.M.T.A. )



Michelle Preston

Titles Held

World Lightweight Champion

British Amateur Championships ( W.A.K.O. )
Silver Medalist.


Chris Cronin

Titles Held

Lightweight Champion

Amateur British Champion
( W.A.K.O. ) Gold Medalist


Paul Quayle

Titles Held

Am. Intercontinental Light-Cruiserweight

Am. British Light-Cruiserweight Champion.


Chris Heath

Titles Held

Am. World Lightweight Champion.

Am. European Lightweight Champion.

Am. British Light-Weltereight Champion

Titles Held

Am. World Super-Middleweight

Am. World Middleweight Champion.

Am. European Middleweight Champion.

Am. British + Commonwealth Middleweight Champion.


British -

Alex Charnock - Warrington

( Defeated Martynas Adomaits - Birmingham )

British -

Phil Dale - Warrington

( Defeated Mark Smith - Birmingham )


Joe Miller - Warrington

( Defeated Chris Harrison - Leigh )

Super-Cruiserweight Champion

Paul Duckworth - Warrington

(Defeated Leon Caush - Newcastle )


Marc Brynn - Warrington

( Defeated Andrew McFarlane - Newcastle )



Nick Griffiths - Warrington

( Defeated Peter Coke - Leigh )



( Title Defence )

Phil Dale - Warrington

( Defeated David Hope - Urmston )


'School Boy'

Jack Salt - Warrington

( Defeated Charlie Boardman - Leigh )



John Emanu- Warrington

( Defeated Huan Sordan- Manchester )

Super-Welterweight Champion

Andy Harris - Warrington

( Defeated Barry White - Birmingham )

Light-Welterweight Champion

Chris Heath - Warrington

( Defeated Mark Platts - Newcastle )


Light-Cruiserweight Champion

Paul Quayle - Warrington

( Defeated Robbie Harrison - Newcastle )

M.M.A. Middleweight Champion

Grant Sharples - Warrington

( Defeated Landy Lesh - Leigh )


M.M.A. Welterweight Champion

Jamie Hayes - Warrington

( Defeated Adam Gamble - Liverpool )


1. Rhys Edwards : Area, 2 x English, & British Champion.
2. Dave Rathbone : Area & English Champion.
3. Mark Matthews : Area, English, British, Commonwealth & Inter-Continental Champion

4. Barry White : Area Champion
5. Robin Swainbank: English Champion
6. Scott Swainbank : Junior Champion.

Running Tally = 6 Champions holding 14 Title Belts

7. Dave Leffler : Gold Medal / British Champion
8. Nathan Liptrot : Gold Medal / British Champion

9. Chris Cronin : Gold Medal / British Champion. 2 x English Champion.

Running Tally = 9 Champions holding 19 Title Belts

10. Lee Sanderson : 2 x Area Champion.
11. Simon Longden : British Champion.
12. Andy Lane : English Champion.
13. Ryan O'Donnell : English Champion.
14. Nathan Joyce : English Champion.
15. Joe Miller : British Champion.
16. Jack Salt : British Champion.

17. Paul Quayle : British, Commonwealth & Intercontinental Champion.

18. Mark Woods : Area Champion.
19. Andy Glover : Area Champion.
20. Ben Holguin : English Champion.
21. Paige Matthews : English, British & Commonwealth Champion

22. Chris Heath : British, European. World Champion.

23. Graham Sayer : Area, 4 x English Champion, British, Commonwealth, European, 4 x World Champion.

Running Tally = 23 Champions holding 51 Title Belts

24. Rachael Wolfenden : English Champion.
25. Katie Muttock : British Champion.
26. Andy Harris : British Champion.
27. John Emanu : British Champion.
28. Alex Charnock : 2 x British Champion.
29. Paul Duckworth : British Champion.
30. Ben O'Brian : British Champion.
31. Mike Eastup : British Champion.
32. Marc Bryn : 2 x British Champion.
33. Phil Dale : 2 x British & Commonwealth Champion.
34. Nick Griffiths : British & Commonwealth Champion.

Running Tally = 34 Champions holding 67 Title Belts

35. Phil Fitzpatrtick : English Champion.
36. Jake Spencer : Junior Champion.
37. Kieron Bennett : English Champion.
38. Bradley Hodgkinson : Junior Champion.
39. Jason Melvin : English Champion.
40. Grant Sharples : MMA Champion.
41. Jamie Hayes : English & British Champion & MMA Champion.
42. Kacper Sowaik : Junior Champion.
43. George Benson : Junior Champion.

Running Tally = 43 Champions holding 78 Title Belts


Overall Tally from 1994 to 2020, ( 26 Years ),
The Wolf Gym / Warrington Kickboxing Studio has

produced a total of 43 Champions holding a
total of 78 Championship Belts


An outstanding record of achievement for any Martial Arts Academy.

Group Photo of Three Wolf-Gym Champions -
all winners of WKU 'K1 Rules' Kickboxing Title Belts.

Phil Fitzpatrick, Jamie Hayes, Kieron Bennett

( Pictured from left to right )


Action photos from the Wolfpack team!-( Click here to view )

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