Black Belt School of Excellence
Established 1994

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Neil Holden


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Head Coach :
Neil Holden

Trainer of
Muay-Thai, Kickboxing
and -M.M.A. Champions

Certified Muaythai
( Thai-Kickboxing )
by Grand Master Sken
( Thailand )

Black Belt Graded
by Master Azuma
( Japan )

W.K.A. Registered
7th Degree Black Belt

Training in the Martial Arts
+ 38 years.

Professional Instructor
+ 28 Years.



Welcome to the website of Neil Holden's Martial Arts Academy
'Warrington Kickboxing Studio', also known as the 'Wolf-Gym', based in Cheshire, England.

Warrington Kickboxing delivers outstanding Martial Arts tuition for people wanting to learn how to Strike using Kicks, Punches, Knees & Elbows, be it for Self-Defence & Fitness or to Compete in either the Ring or the Octagon.

Absolute beginners, no matter what level they feel they maybe at are very welcome. Our structured training programs are ideal for fitness, core-stability, flexibilty, improving strength and burning bodyfat as well as improving confidence!

As one of the U.K.'s premier full-time Martial Arts Academy's, the Wolf-Gym's team of Striking-Coaches are all Black Belt certified and share expert tuition
seven days a week with sessions available from 7.00am until 10.00pm.

The Wolf-Gym runs separate Kids classes, seperate Teenager classes, seperate Adult Small-Group-classes as well as Personal-Training for those looking for Private tuition.

Kickboxing is known as 'The art of Striking', and Striking is regarded by many as the ultimate method of Self-Defence.

Our Combat-Kickboxing syllabus will teach you how to Strike using Kicks, Punches, Knees, Elbows and Open-Palm techniques. As well as 'Standup-Striking', the syllabus also covers 'Split-Level-Striking' and 'Ground-Striking', applicable for Self-Defence ( Combatives ) or M.M.A. ( Mixed-Martial-Arts ).

For those considering Kickboxing for the reasons of Self-Defence & Fitness, our Black Belt training program is an excellent way to measure your progress as a martial artist as you work through the various pressure-tests, ( White belt to Black Belt ).


For those wanting to compete, ( which is usually about one person in ten ), members train additionally on sports-specific skills via our Championship program.

Our Championship program
has a proven track record. Over twenty five years, 43 Champions from the Wolf-Gym have won a combined total of
78 Title Belts while competing in the Ring and also in the Octagon-Cage.

Our Champions have won Area, English, British, Commonwealth, European and World Titles. Two of the Wolf-Gym's team became World Champions, one of which also became the 2005 Warrington sports Personality of the year!

The outstanding facilities at Warringon Kickboxing, make the Wolf-Gym one of the leading Martial Arts Academy's in the U.K. with not one, but two, custom built Studio's, one specifically for Personal Training and the other for
Small-Group Classes

These feature heating / air-conditioning, mirrored walls, safety padded flooring, Strength-&-Conditional equipment, a multi-level Bag-Rig, a Boxing Ring, and an competition sized Octagon Cage.


Warrington Kickboxing has new starters every day. If you are considering joining the Wolg-Gym, do not delay, absolute beginners are always very welcome.

Established on the 1st August 1994, the Wolf-Gym has been the #1 Kickboxing Academy in Cheshire for over 25 years. So, forget the cheap imitations, if you really want to learn the 'Art of Striking', then simply book in for a £FREE trial session, and begin your journey into the world of Martial Arts today!

Train for....

....'Self-Defence & Fitness' on our Black Belt program,

or Train to ....

....'Competete in the Ring or the Octagon'
..................................................... on our Champions program,

the choice is yours!

- Warrington Kickboxing Studio -
Black Belt School of Excellence!

Training Champions since 1994!