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Neil Holden


Telephone / Text:

Head Coach :
Neil Holden

Trainer of
Muay-Thai, Kickboxing
and -M.M.A. Champions

Certified Muaythai
( Thai-Kickboxing )
by Grand-Master Sken
( Thailand )

Black Belt Graded
by Master Azuma
( Japan )

W.K.A. Registered
7th Dan Black Belt

Training in the Martial Arts
+ 40 years.

Professional Instructor
+ 30 Years.


W.K.A. World Title Belt.

Head-Coach, Neil Holden - Training Champions since 1994!

Head-Coach, Neil Holden ( 7th Dan WKA ), with Jamie Hayes & Jason Melvin.

Results Report : W.K.A. Championships :

Jamie Hayes
, ( Pictured on the left ), is one of our Brown Belt members. Here Jamie had just won the WKA Super-Middleweight 'K-1 rules' title, making him a 2 x Kickboxing Champion, as he also holds the WKU title. Jamie is also an M.M.A. Champion, this was his third time winning a Championship title belt.

Jason Melvin, ( Pictured on the right ), is one of our Blue Belt members. Here Jason had just completed an '8 Man Grandprix', ( Winning 3 bouts in a single tournament ), taking his record to an impressive undefeated run of 5 fights with 5 straight wins as he captured the WKA Super-Heavyweight 'K-1' rules title.

Very few fighters have ever won a Heavyweight Grandprix Tournament. This was an outstanding result for Melvin and for Warrington Kickboxing / Wolf-Gym.


This page is for those people interested in competing. Most members at the Wolf-Gym train on our structured Black Belt progam for personal fitness and the Self-Defence applications of learning Striking skills, ( Kicks, Punches, Knees & Elbows, ).

For those members wanting to compete, ( which is approximately about one member in ten ), Fighters train on our Championship program.

Our established Championship program
has a proven track record. Over twenty nine years, 52 Champions from the Wolf-Gym have won a combined total of
88 Title Belts while competing in the Ring and also in the Octagon-Cage!

The Wolf-Gym's Champions have won Area, English, British, Commonwealth, European and World Titles!

Two of the Wolf-Gym's team won World Titles during their fight career at the Wolf-Gym, one of which, Graham Sayer, also became the 2005 Warrington Sports Personality of the Year due to his impressive achievements!

Graham Sayer - Titles Held

Am. World Super-Middleweight

Am. World Middleweight Champion.

Am. European Middleweight Champion.

Am. Commonwealth Champion.

Am. British Middleweight Champion.

Graham Sayer, pictured above after winning his I.K.F. World Title against India's Rajeet Singh, was one of the the U.K.'s most succesfull Amateur Fighters, with a record of 32 Wins and 0 losses in the Ring.

, captured the Area and English, titles ( K1-Light ), then British, Commonwealth, European and World titles ( K1-Rules ).


The Maintenance Training :

The Wolf-Gym's Championship Program requires a Maintenance training, regular dedicated training 6 days a week, until entering a Fight-Camp.

An Amateur Fighter at the Wolf-Gym attends Striking Classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Supplementing their Kickboxing training on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with Running, ( 5K or 10K distance jogging to help keep the bodyweight low and the legs strong ). Strength-&-Conditioning, ( S&C ) can also be done on these days.

Amateur Fighters must monitor their bodyweight weekly and should not be more than 4 kgs over their fight weight during Maintenance training.

Maintenance training requires a Fighter to train 6 sessions per week in total!

Amateur Fighter Training Schedule : Maintenance Training...

Monday - Kickboxing ( x1 session of Padwork or Sparring ).
Tuesday - Running ( Jogging ) or
Strength-&-Conditioning ( Weight Training ).

Wednesday - Kickboxing ( x1 session of Padwork or Sparring ).
Thursday - Running ( Jogging ) or Strength-&-Conditioning ( Weight Training ).

Friday - Kickboxing ( x1 session of Padwork or Sparring ).
Saturday - Running ( Jogging ) or Strength-&-Conditioning ( Weight Training ).

Sunday = REST!

A Fight-Camp :

A Fight-Camp begins 4 weeks before a scheduled contest. Note, bodyweight at the start of a Fight-Camp should be no more than 4 kgs over the weight required at the official weigh in due to maintenance training.

Upon entering into a Fight-Camp, a member now trains double sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Participating in the 6.45pm Padwork Class then training in the 8.00pm Sparring Class.

There is no additional training cost for the extra sessions for Amateur Fighters during a Fight-Camp.

Running now switches from 'Jogging' to 'Interval-Sprinting', at the Wolf-Gym.
Using the 'Power-Jog' Running Machine. Followed by Stationary Bike work, ( should any further weight cutting be needed ). There is no additional training cost to Amateur Fighters for this.

NOTE # Professional Fighters - Under Contract, all training at the Wolf-Gym is for £FREE!


During a Fight-Camp an Amateur Fighter now steps up their training to 9 sessions per week in total! Diet is monitored closely and calories cut. With the additional training session and a controlled calorie diet, a Fighter should aim to lose about 1kg per week, ( over 4 weeks ).

Amateur Fighter Training Schedule : Fight-Camp / 4 Weeks!

Monday - Kickboxing ( x2 sessions, Padwork then Sparring ).
Tuesday - Cardio ( 20 Mins Interval-Sprinting, then 40 mins Stationary Bike ).

Wednesday - Kickboxing ( x2 sessions, Padwork then Sparring ).
Thursday - Cardio ( 20 Mins Interval-Sprinting, then 40 mins Stationary Bike ).

Friday - Kickboxing ( x2 sessions, Padwork then Sparring ).
Saturday - Cardio ( 20 Mins Interval-Sprinting, then 40 mins Stationary Bike ).

Sunday = REST!

Followed correctly during, Fight-Camp an Amateur Fighter should cut their last 4 Kgs to make fight weight at a rate of 1kg per week. Amateur Fighters, weigh in on the day of a bout, and we do not reccomend water cutting, the use of the Steam Room or Sauna for Amateurs.

Fighter - Career Progression / Stages

Amateur - Boxing Gloves, plus Headguard and Shinpads

Stage 1 : Amateur : K1-Light ( Controlled-Contact )
Stage 2 : Amateur : K1-Rules ( Full-Contact ) / Muay-Thai Rules ( Full-contact ).

Professional - Gloves, no Headguard or Shinpads.

Stage 3 : Professional : An Amateur fighter with a solid foundation of experience now has the options of competing as a Professional under...

Japanese-Kickboxing ( K1-Rules ),

Thai-Kickboxing ( Muay-Thai Rules )


Mixed-Martial-Arts ( M.M.A. Rules ).

In recent years, most of our fighters choose the following career path due to the popularity of the U.F.C.

This being... K1-Light, then K1-Rules then Mixed-Martial-Arts.

NOTE : Differences between Amateur & Professional Fighter Training.

Amateur Fighters usually have a full-time job during the day, and train in the evenings.

Professional Fighters, compete for a living, ( competing is their job for which they get paid ), and train double to the of an Amateur Fighter.

Generally a Professional Fighter trains twice each day, 6 days a week, ( 12 sessions weekly ). Usually a late morning / mid-day session, with time for rest and recovery in the afternoon, then training a second time in the evening.

Wolf-Gym M.M.A. Champions :


Team-Wolf-Gym Action Photo :

Jamie Hayes ( Black Belt - 1st Degree ), on his way to winning the Samurai-Challenge M.M.A. Championship Title!


Team-Wolf-Gym Action Photo :

Jamie Hayes ( Black Belt - 1st Degree ), with the Samurai-Challenge M.M.A. Championship Title!


Team-Wolf-Gym Action Photo :

Grant Sharples ( Black Belt - 1st Degree ), on his way to winning the Samurai-Challenge M.M.A. Championship Title!


Team-Wolf-Gym Action Photo :

Grant Sharples ( Black Belt - 1st Degree ), with the Samurai-Challenge M.M.A. Championship Title!

Wolf-Gym Pro. K1 / Muay-Thai Champions


Rhys Edwards, on the cover of the Official UK Muay-Thai Magazine.

Photo : Rhys Edwards on his way to defeating Kieron Keddle for the
W.A.K.O. Pro British Title ( Muay-Thai Rules ).

Rhys Edwards - Titles Held
: ( The first Champion trained by N.Holden ).

Pro. British Champion ( W.A.K.O Pro. )
Thai-Kickboxing ( Muay-Thai Rules ).

Pro. English Champion ( W.A.K.O Pro. )
Japanese-Kickboxing ( K1 Rules ).

Pro. Area Champion ( S.I.M.T.A. )
Thai-Kickboxing ( Muay-Thai Rules ).

For further photos of Team-Wolf-Gym Pro Fighters in K1 / Muay-Thai action,


If your goal is to be an Fighter and one day a Champion, you will need to be dedicated to training 6 days per week.

If you feel that you could do this, then the Wolf-Gym's Championship program could be ideal for you!

Team-Wolf-Gym's most recent Kickboxing Champion, after winning his W.K.A. Title fight in the first round by T.K.O.

If you specifically want to compete, send a text stating


and then add your

, your AGE and your EMAIL ADDRESS.

Please send the text to 07973-43-18-18, and a member of our team will contact you.

First session - is £FREE!

Start your journey with Team-Wolf-Gym,

Expert level tuition, ( 30 years experience of Training Champions ).

Outstanding facilities, Boxing Ring & Octagon Cage, Multi-Level Bag Rig, Cardio plus Strength & Conditioning Equipment.

Group-Class Studio and a separate Personal-Training Studio with Heating & Air-Conditioning.


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